Wernigerode Tourist Information



Wernigerode calles itself the 'Colourful town in the Harz' and nestles at the foot of the Harz mountains. The town centre consits entirely of beautifully restored half-timbered houses with a magnificent town hall in its centre. The town centre is pedestrianized and you will find a lot of cafes and restaurants to sit back, relax and admire the charm of the old buildings, little fountains and complimenting flower arrangements such as the 'flower clock' behind the town hall.

The castle Wernigerode towers impressively over the town and can be reached by a short but steep climb up the Agnesberg. Alternatively you can take a trip on the 'Bimmelbahn', a little motorised train going between the market square and the castle. Once at the castle you have a beautiful view of Wernigerode, the Harz Mountains and the Brocken, the highest peak in the North of Germany, from the castle fore court. You can then enter the actual castle which is a museum and has a lovely collection of furniture and dressed rooms to see how the Earl of Stolberg-Wernigerode lived.

There is a lot to keep little adventurers amused, an outdoor and indoor leisure pool, adventure playgrounds, a miniature park showing tiny versions of famous buildings in the region, complete with mini railways going around, the deer park 'Christianental' with deer, goats, sheep, badgers and birds of prey and of course the steam railway Harzer Schmalspurbahn which starts in Wernigerode and can take visitors all the way up to the Brocken, a 1142 metre high peak which used to be a symbol of the German - German border. A museum on the Brocken stills shows the old Russian military operation on the peak.

The surrounding mountains offer well sign-posted hiking trails and are popular for mountain biking as well. In the winter months, there is a small lift operating in Wernigerode itself but it is also a short trip to the ski resorts of Braunlage and St Andreasberg and to Schierke for kilometres of well prepared loipe for the cross country skier. Wernigerode has a variety of festivals and markets on offer throughout the year, the 'Rathausfest' town hall festival with live music and stalls, the wine fest and the 'Schloss Festspiele' a castle festival with concerts and firework display to name a few.

With its architectural charm and beautiful natural setting, Wernigerode is a destination for all seasons and all ages and is sure to lure you into coming again and again.


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